Théâtre de la Ville: "Six personnages en quête d'auteur" de Pirandello

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Thanks to the University of Michigan Musical Society, we are extremely privileged to be able to welcome a French theater from Paris, le Théâtre de la Ville, in our city. The play will be in French, but with supertitles, like for operas. You need to order tickets, of course, but if you are going, register here so that we can see how much interest there is. We need this event to be successful. Here are some details about the play, published by UMS:

Luigi Pirandello won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934 for his “bold and brilliant renovation of drama and the stage.” His Six Characters in Search of an Author, which dates from 1921, is an absurdist metatheatrical play about the relationship between authors and their characters. A dysfunctional family of six bursts into a rehearsal of another Pirandello play with a curious claim: they are characters who have been abandoned by their author and are seeking someone to complete their story. The theater manager is intrigued and agrees to help, but becomes vexed by the interplay of the real actors with the unrealized characters, whose literary limbo causes fiction and reality to overlap. The production is directed by Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota and performed by Théâtre de la Ville, which gave an outstanding performance of Ionesco’s Rhinocéros two seasons ago.

Performance note:
Contains adult situations. In French with English supertitles.

Where does inspiration come from? What makes an artist tick? Join us for a post-performance Q&A and get a glimpse into the lives and minds of the artists that bring creativity to the stage. Must have a ticket to this evening’s performance to attend.

- See more at:

Here is the website to the Théâtre de la Ville:


This willl be a unique evening for us francophones and francophiles. Hope to see you there!


Né à Belgrade (les empires se succèdent, l’ancienne ville perdure!), Zoran Minderović est philosophe diplômé et auteur de trois livres de prose expérimentale en serbo-croate. Le titre de son quatrième livre est Quinta essentia. Il a traduit des auteurs français et américains en serbo-croate, y compris Claude Lévi-Strauss, Julia Kristeva, Félix Ravaisson, Susan Sontag, Elaine Pagels et Cynthia Ozick. Sa traduction, en serbo-croate, de La philosophie de Pascal de Ravaisson vient d'être publiée à Belgrade. Il écrit pour Salon.ll. (Montréal).


Born in Romania, lived in Connecticut 25 years, moved to Ann Arbor in 2012. I love France and French language and I want to improve my conversation in French.

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Julia Kessler-Hollar
over 2 years ago

There are still tickets available at a reduced price for this event with the Ann Arbor French Conversation Group. There is still time to get a less expensive GREAT seat by doing the following:

Pour acheter un billet pour la piece:
Il faut appeler Casey Schmidt (il faut parler seulement a elle) a 734-763-3100 entre 9-5pm Lundi-Vendredi.
Il faut lui donner notre promocode (BONJOUR) parce qu'on a une reduction de prix pour les billets pour notre groupe.

Please call her as soon as possible!!

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Julia Kessler-Hollar
over 2 years ago

If you would like to join the Ann Arbor French Conversation Group for this event as well, we have discount tickets available. You can obtain one by following below:

Le Théâtre de la Ville sera a Ann Arbor pour présenter la pièce de Pirandello "6 Characters in search of an Author" le 24 Octobre a 20h!!

La pièce sera en français avec des sous titres en anglais!!

Les billets:

Pour commander un billet:
PAR TÉLÉPHONE: Il faut appeler University Musical Society 734.764.2538 (tu vas payer un peu plus avec les commandes de telephone) et il faut leur donner notre promocode (BONJOUR)
A MICHIGAN LEAGUE TICKET OFFICE: Tu vas au bureau et tu en achètes directement.


Pour avoir la réduction c'est PAS possible d'en acheter avec l'internet.

La date: le 24 octobre (un vendredi soir)

L'heure: 20h (pour la pièce) - on va se retrouver DEVANT le théâtre a 19h30

L'adresse: Power Center 121 Fletcher Street, Ann Arbor

C'est QUOI cette pièce: cliquer ici pour l'histoire de la pièce --

On a que 20 places a cette réduction alors il faut les en acheter vite!

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