French Cakes

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Brigitte presents three different French cakes, each demonstrating a completely different texture, consistency and look to represent some of the many cakes found in French baking: Far Breton, a prune plum cake and a Walnut and Butter cake both originated in Brittany. Paris-Brest is one of the classic cream puff cakes filled with praline-buttercream. Discover the secrets behind creating these delicious French Patisseries in your own kitchen.


Brigitte was born and raised near Paris, France, and comes from a family of caterers, pastry chefs and chocolate crafters. She loves sharing the joys of a beautiful French dinner experience. She is the owner of France Cuisine, LLC, a personal chef service in Ann Arbor. Brigitte has been teaching private cooking classes and has been an instructor at Hollander’s and Rec & Ed in Ann Arbor for several years.


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